Katie Lynne Sapphe the Webcomic

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DISCLAIMER: This webcomic covers such topics as transsexuality, bisexuality, homosexuality, angst, depression, politics, gory details of how computers work, and some other stuff. If any of these things upset you turn away right now.

My name is Rebecca Gabriella B*. My personal journal is cosxoverx. This is my webcomic! Goddess only knows why I chose to create one.

I don't have a donation system set up, but you can buy something from Katie Lynne Sapphe the Webstore or the Katie Lynne Sapphe Pride Store if you want.


Why the cryptic username, nxsinxmcosxoxsq?
The username for my personal journal is cosxoverx. The derivative of cos(x)/x is (-xsin(x)-cos(x))/(x^2), or negative x sin x minus cos x over x squared, or nxsinxmcosxoxsq.

What is Katie Lynne's major?
Katie Lynne Sapphe is a Software Engineering major, just like her creator.

Are these based on real events?
Most of the things that happen to Katie Lynne Sapphe happened to me, yes.


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You may link to either the profile page or the journal itself. I don't care.